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Our Causal AI Software Suite: Mappa Mundi Project

Our flagship product, the Mappa Mundi Project (MMP), is a suite of 4 open source apps that seamless combine Large Language Models (LLM) and Causal Inference.

One of the uses of MMP is to find the causes of diseases.

The algorithm used by MMP for causal DAG discovery was invented by us, but we chose not to patent it, and to release it as open source.

A Modern Approach to Bayesian Networks Software & Services

There are already many wonderful and successful companies that offer, as we do, Bayesian Network (bnet) software and services (for instance, these). So what makes us different and better?

Quantum Savvy

Another advantage of Artiste over our competitors is that, unlike them, we are very quantum savvy. We offer software and services for both classical and quantum bnets. We are fully capable of writing quantum computing software for your company, if that is what you want.