Suppose that your company is interested in constructing a bnet (Bayesian Network) solution to a business problem. We will help your company accomplish that goal.

We will shepherd your bnet project from start to finish. We can be hired either for a lump sum to accomplish a full project, or at an hourly rate. By shepherding, we mean that we will either collaborate with your in-house programmers, or, if you have none of those at your disposal, we will do all the programming for you, customized to meet your taste and needs.

Another thing that we can do for you, if you want us to, is to set up and maintain your own private bnet jupyterhub cloud service hosted by a major cloud provider such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. We will do this for free, apart from our hourly or lump sum fees. In the process, we will teach you how to do this on your own, without our help. How can we be so generous? Because the software that we use is free, open source software, and it is not written or maintained by us. We use the wonderful “Zero to Jupyterhub with Kubernetes” (z2jk) software. z2jk is superbly well documented and maintained by UC Berkeley, where it is used to teach many courses. Furthermore, z2jk is very sophisticated. It uses the latest in Jupyter notebook and cloud technology (Docker containers and container orchestration via Kubernetes). Due to Kubernetes, z2jk can be run on anything from a single workstation to multiple cloud providers running concurrently. z2jk is also very flexible: it can be used to teach any data science course, or to set up a private bnet cloud service as we will do for you, if you want us to.

Another thing that we can do for you, if you want us to, is to make your company Quantum Ready. Quantum Computing has been making steady progress in recent years, and it is currently being funded generously both by private and public institutions. Current quantum computers cannot calculate anything commercially useful either faster or more efficiently than a smart phone. However, if you believe, as we do, that qcs will reach commercial utility within the next 10 years, we can help your company prepare for that exciting possible future. Our founder, Dr. Robert Tucci, has 20 years of experience in both classical and quantum bnets. We can first write a classical bnet for you, then we can “quantize” that bnet to produce a “quantum bnet” . Then we can “compile” your quantum bnet and run it on a real or simulated qc. Much of this is uncharted territory, but the future belongs to those who try.