Screen shot-1 of original version of Quantum Fog
Screen shot-2 of original version of Quantum Fog
quantum computer
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Entanglish Motto: Speak Quantum Friend and Enter
Reach Quantum Escape Velocity
Someday, switching from classical to quantum Bayesian networks will be this easy
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Piece of aerogel
Mr. Spock programming a quantum computer with PyQBayesianMindMeld
“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” [Mark Twain, 1907]
“There are 3 kinds of truths: data, data analyzed by a frequentist, and Bayesian Network statistics.” [Mark Twain, 2020]
“If I had used Bayesian Networks Statistics, I would have never gone bankrupt at the age of 59 by making bad investments in the stock market.” [Mark Twain, 2020]
brought to you by, Mark Twain’s preferred purveyor of high quality and low cost Bayesian Network Software & Services.
Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing
Screenshot of my open source app called “JudeasRx” for doing personalized causal medicine.