Commitment to Open Source

Most of our competitors follow a 20 year old business model in which one sells expensive subscriptions for the use of secret, proprietary software. So if you write a bnet with their software, it will be tied (“locked-in”) to varying degrees to their proprietary formats, plus you are at their mercy for perpetuity as far as pricing is concerned. Instead of that, at Artiste we use only free, open source software. For example, we are experts at :

  1. azua (Microsoft)
  2. bartc
  3. bnlearn
  4. Causalab software (Harvard-Chan)
  5. CausalAi (Salesforce)
  6. CausalFitbit (by, BY US)
  7. causalimpact (Google)
  8. CausalLib (IBM)
  9. CausalML (Uber)
  10. CausalNex
  11. CausalPy
  12. Causica (Microsoft)
  13. ChiRho
  14. DAG_Lie_Detector (by, BY US)
  15. DoWhy (Microsoft)
  16. EconML(Microsoft)
  17. gCastle (Huawei)
  18. grf
  19. JudeasRx (by, BY US)
  20. Mappa Mundi (by, BY US)
  21. PyLift (Wayfair)
  22. PyMC3
  23. PyTorch by Facebook and its probability adjunct Pyro by Uber
  24. PyWhy (by Microsoft, Amazon and many others. Originally DoWhy)
  25. Quantum Fog (by, BY US)
  26. scikit-learn
  27. scikit-uplift
  28. SCuMpy (by, BY US)
  29. SentenceAx (by, BY US)
  30. Tensorflow (especially its probability module) (Google)
  31. texnn (by, BY US)
  32. Tigramite
  33. UpliftML
  34. WhyNot
  35. XGBoost

and many other bnet related software libraries. If you write your bnet using these fantastic open source software libraries, there is much less lock-in. Open source software has the additional benefit that it is much more flexible. You can modify the code to suit your needs if it is open. You cannot modify easily that which you cannot see. Another benefit of open source software is that it is bleeding edge and is part of a vast software ecosystem. Do you really want to limit yourself by using only one piece of software written by a small company that employs a mere handful of good programmers, or do you want to use the latest and greatest software coming out of hundreds of companies and universities from around the world?