Artiste’s founder, Dr. Robert R. Tucci has more than 20 years of experience writing papers (arxiv papers) and software for both classical and quantum Bayesian Networks. If you really want to plumb the depths of a man’s soul, you can do no better than to read his blog, if he has one. rrtucci has written a blog called Quantum Bayesian Networks for more than a decade. rrtucci wrote the first paper ever on Quantum Bayesian Networks. rrtucci also wrote the first paper ever to use the words “quantum compiler”. rrtucci also invented the definition of squashed entanglement. rrtucci also invented the quantum analogues of d-separation and belief propagation.

rrtucci is the main author of 4 open source software libraries at github :

and 2 books:

Bayesuvius (a book on Bayesian Networks and Causal Inference, 700 pgs.)

QC Paulinesia (a book on Quantum Computing)

More information about rrtucci can be found at an earlier website for Artiste, www.ar-tiste.com.